Working Remotely

There are a lot of jobs that no longer require a person to be sitting at a traditional office. Work does not have to be completed at a specific place under the watchful eye of a middle manager to be done. In fact, remote workers are found to be more productive and effective than their office dwelling counterparts. With fewer distractions and lower stress, morale is boosted. 

I worked remotely from 2009-2013 part-time as an online high school teacher and am back to working remotely as a curriculum developer since June. The lack of commute, availability to work on other projects (like opening Launch) and increased family time have definitely increased my quality of life. Going from working at TVCC to a start-up based out of San Francisco also allowed me to double my salary. I can?t help but want more people to have this freedom, flexibility and prosperity in their lives. 

Most of remote jobs are in ?knowledge work?, since it is a requirement that all work can be done over the computer. But there are many entry-level remote jobs that require minimum experience and don?t require a college degree. A quick search on my favorite remote job site has 3,661 jobs posted this morning that are 100% remote. Some of the entry-level jobs include customer service, administrative assistant, bookkeeper and social media writer. Professional jobs in technology, education, translation, design and engineering are the most common. 

A remote job can be done at home with a strong internet connection. But, many people can find it isolating to stay at home all day. That is where co-working comes in. In larger cities, where remote work is more common, there are 100?s of co-working spaces. WeWork is the largest co-working company with 200,000 members and 51 locations. Boise has a couple spaces including Trailhead and Wheelhouse. It is unique to have a space in a small rural town like Nyssa, but I think the opportunity is too great to pass up.

If you are interested in starting a remote work job search I invite you to my? class on Tuesday September 3rd at noon to discuss your remote job search.?

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