Virtual Reality

You must experience it to believe it!


Virtual reality breaks the boundaries on what gaming is. It immerses the player in the game and involves the player in the game. It also sets a whole new level of interactivity. Virtual Reality is the apex of gaming.


With Virtual Reality you can really focus and interact with complex objects. From anatomy to mechanics there are a lot of interesting simulations to experience


Virtual Reality brings you to a whole new world that is completely unfamiliar to anyone trying it for the first time. It creates a new medium for which adults and kids can get lost in. Many users of Virtual Reality can agree it is an experience like no other.


There are several games that allow you to alter the world that you are in. You can build, paint and explore a 3-D world of your own creation. 

Our Favorite Games

My favorite game is Tilt Brush because it is so immersive and creative. I could spend hours drawing with fire, blinking lights and diamonds. Experiencing your creations in virtual reality is amazing!


Superhot is a VR first person shooter but with interesting time dynamics, where time only moves when you move. The enemies are red, the weapons are black and you navigate through a grey and white world.


Job simulator lets you have the fun of being a mechanic, office worker, cashier or chef. Work hard to complete the tasks given to you or randomly throw things at the boss. 


We request that reservations are made 12 hours in advance to allow us to schedule staff to assist you. 

$10 for 30 Minutes

One person using the headset for 30 minutes. A good choice for your first VR experience. Enough time to give 2 games a try.

$20 for 60 Minutes

An hour would allow you enough time to play a game and actually progress through levels. This time can be shared between two people.

About us

This one station VR arcade is a business venture by the Young brothers ages 15, 12 and 11 in the Launch co-working and makerspace. 

Our mission

To introduce the people in our rural area to fun new experiences that are usually only available in bigger cities. 

Our offer