The Working Mom

On this Labor Day weekend I want to acknowledge all the Moms that work at home. This includes every Mom I know. All moms are caregivers, housekeepers, chefs and accountants. The days are filled with meeting the needs of our families and there is joy and satisfaction in that work. There are also expectations that can?t be met, a heaping load of guilt and constantly changing needs as our kids grow. We look for reassurance and community from other moms but they are never quite like us. Their current struggles don?t always match our own.

Another layer of complexity is added by the work we do outside of being Mom. Some of us need or want to work full time outside the home. We are faced with a culture that says you should work at your job as if you are not a mother and should mother at home like you don?t have a job. Even with great flexibility and options you still face the inner tally of ?I owe work another hour? because I?m sitting here at the dentist with my kid.

Maybe you are ?lucky? enough that you have a small business or job that allows you to stay home with your kids. Then you never really leave work or home. All of the responsibilities are interspersed throughout the day. Some days ebb and flow peacefully and on other days clash like two opposing armies. My nightmares look like a puking child and payroll is due or a visit from family during a major work project. 

Then there is a stay at home Mom role that from the outside looks simpler. Except you have a nagging sense that you are slowly losing your abilities to think, to create and to interact with adults. You don?t need more to do, but you need to do something just for you. I?ve been in all of these roles at one time and faced these challenges over the past 15 years of motherhood. Lots of good times and lots of tears. I?ve been trying to figure out the best working situation for me. It seems to always be changing. At this stage I?m working a 100% remote job from a coworking space I opened in Nyssa. Despite having an amazing virtual team on the other side of the monitor, I?m missing having coworkers. I?m searching for other moms that might need a place and a job like this to fit their needs. Maybe that is you, your daughter-in-law or your best friend. Please share this opportunity and reach out to set up a time to tour and tell me what you need at

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