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Starting a Business in Nyssa

A question was posed on a local Facebook group- Why are there so many empty storefronts in Nyssa? As a person who just undertook filling one of those storefronts I have some insights and possibly some solutions. I want to see Nyssa thrive and be economically prosperous. That is the reason I opened a co-working and makerspace on Main Street. 

There are some fixed costs to leasing a storefront. You have rent, power, city services, garbage service, internet, store fixtures, computers, desks, signage and the opportunity cost of your time to keep it open. Then Nyssa storefronts are going to need some repairs, remodeling and maintenance. That is a lot to take on for a new small business. 

A co-working space cost shares all of those upfront costs. For $100 a month you have full access to the space where you can have your own desk, receive mail, see clients, host meetings or market your products. All of the fixed costs are covered. The most important part is you build a community of people that are also starting businesses to share knowledge and ideas with. My motivation for offering this service is that I enjoy helping others and need the company of smart motivated people.?

Buying local is only one piece of the puzzle to economic development. To bring dollars into a town you have to create a product or service and sell it to people outside of the town. Then with those earned dollars you turn around and spend them within the town to support the service industries. With the internet you can literally sell to the whole world from Nyssa. 

If you are contemplating a new business I?d love to meet you and discuss how my co-working and makerspace might help you. You can schedule a tour on my website at

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