Learn New Skills

The kids have gone back to school. Are you considering doing the same thing? This fall 19.9 million people are headed to college this fall in the United States. A number that is steadily decreasing as the public contemplates if the job prospects after college are worth the cost. I just finished paying off my student loans for a bachelor?s degree in engineering and a master?s degree in education. I have used my degrees and they were important stepping stones 20 years ago. I?ve also changed careers several times and each of those changes were made possible by my willingness to learn a new skill on my own.

So, what skills do you need to have your dream job or business? Are they things you could learn on your own or do you need to go back to school? With so much available online, from full degrees to short skills based classes, you can learn anything right here in Nyssa. I?m currently an online school curriculum developer and have been an online teacher and in-person college professor. I?d be willing to sit down with you and discuss your options. Then you could make Launch your new classroom and have me at the next desk over to answer questions and help get you started. 

I?m hearing people chatting about waiting for Nyssa to change, mostly in the form of wanting a big manufacturer to come back that needs unskilled manual labor. With the internet and remote work you could have an excellent high paying professional career right here in Nyssa. You just need the 21st Century skills to do so. Luckily, obtaining those can also be done right here in Nyssa. Schedule a time to come tour Launch and talk about your future at http://launchnyssa.com

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