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Humans have an inherent desire to be creators. To turn wood into furniture, clay into pottery, canvas into a masterpiece and cloth into clothing. It is what makes us unique. But modern society has moved away from making to consuming. You now can choose furniture from a $15 IKEA white bookcase to a $10,000 specialty wood hutch. You can landscape an entire world from your couch in a Mindcraft video game. The designer dress of your dreams is just a few scrolls away on Amazon. Now that you have so many choices and you have to hunt through millions of products, it feels a bit like making. Except all of the pride and excitement is in consuming and once that product arrives at your doorstep there isn’t the lasting joy there would be if you made it yourself. Being a creator gives you a far more lasting and deeply satisfying happiness than consuming ever will.

Creating can take many forms. You may create in your job; if you are a chef, construction contractor, machinist or woodworker. You may create things as a hobby like gardening, knitting, art, and music. You may even create content for others to consume like photography, writing, blogging or podcasting. I have found in my life the more time I spend being creative, the happier I am. I work as a curriculum developer creating content to teach others. I have huge flower gardens and sew clothes. I create dinners for my family every night. I coach robotics to teach children how to create and problem solve.

I have made the back half of my office into a makerspace. A place where people can come to create. I want to make creation easier, more affordable and more collaborative in Nyssa. I’d love for you to come and create something here! Book a tour to see the tools and space that I’m able to provide.

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