Opening a Coworking and Makerspace in Nyssa

It was only a few months ago that I decided to rent a building in Nyssa but the idea for this business has been with me for over a decade. I have always struggled with balancing my own career ambitions with caring for my family. I have tried every combination of job from part-time to full time and commuting long distances to staying at home. I love the freedom of remote work but enjoy working with people. My best friends have always been my colleagues. I think co-working is going to be the answer to balancing remote work with my need to have a social life.

The other motivation for this space was to have a place to teach STEM classes. I am a former 7th grade Science teacher and 4-H robotics coach. I truly believe that STEM education is crucial for students to learn how to work in the modern world. These long projects that require critical thinking, team work and perseverance are the best thing for students. It takes a large area, good internet and long hours of access to have a great team.

Finally, I’m a “maker”. My dad is a woodworker and I grew up in the shop. I”m not very talented in any one medium but I enjoy everything from videography to sewing. I was running out of room at my home for all of my projects and always have new tools I want to purchase. The makerspace allows me to have a bigger area to work, access to more tools and people to craft with.

I’m so excited to bring a co-working and makerspace to my little rural town of Nyssa, Oregon. We are incredibly talented people and deserve the ability to participate in the new way of working. Hope you’ll consider joining me! Book a tour now.

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