Apply to these remote jobs

The thought of working from home and on your own schedule may sound too good to be true. Twenty years ago you would have seen ads for stuffing envelopes at home, hanging up flyers or a crazy pyramid scheme. Now there are thousands of opportunities for well paying jobs with benefits and paid time off. Legitimate remote jobs do exist, but it?s vital that you research every potential company to make sure you?re not dealing with a scam, and to make sure you?re taking on the remote job that is right for you. Here is a sampling of companies that hire lots of remote workers for legitimate jobs. Need to use a computer? Need help with your resume? Want to know more about remote work? Schedule a time to come to Launch and I’ll help you out.

VIPKID – teach children in China how to speak English

Belay Solutions – be a virtual assistant or bookkeeper

Appen – transcription and search tasks

American Express – customer service

SYKES – customer support

If you are not an entry-level employee or are interested in freelancing instead of being an employee there are even more opportunities. The most common fields for remote jobs are IT, education, sales, engineering and customer records management.

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